Digital Strategist, Marketer & Product Developer

Ade Camilleri forms part of the Media Plan Group 

A leading provider of bespoke digital products and services

Digital Marketing

As a leading player in the digital marketing industry, Ade Camilleri is able to provide both public and private companies digital marketing services to help achieve and maintain rapid and sustainable growth through his expertise as a competitor intelligence analyst, digital marketing professional and product developer


By amplifying and reproducing your website, blog and digital content across a mix of web 2.0, social media, profiling and mirrored websites, digital footprint marketing services remain a crucial component to the growth of any virtual identity which extends beyond a corporate website.

Competitor Intelligence

With an expertise in game and mobile app development, Ade Camilleri has access to a unique set of digital products that use cutting edge data. By developing products ranging from mobile apps, communications products, casino games, website games and social media apps, our services ensure the most advanced data reporting on the market.

Product Development

An understanding of what is happening in the marketplace through campaign monitoring and campaign hacking, positions companies at an advantage. These strategies that are based on real time reporting of competitors marketing strategies ultimately leads to reduced marketing spend and a higher ROI. 

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